To add values in “Relationship” Optionset




  1. To add values in Relationship Optionset, Firstly click on ‘Sales’ on default Page of Dynamics365.
  2. Go to Settings à Customizations as shown below:  
  3. Click on Customize the System.
  4. A new window will open. Click on Option Sets.
  5. Now, double click on Relationship Option Set.
  6. Click on the + sign to add the value in Global OptionSet as shown in the picture below:
  7. Set the label of new value and repeat these steps (step no.6 & 7) to add more values.
  8. Click on Save Button.
  9. After Save, Click on the Publish button to publish the changes and close the window.
  10. You are done with adding values to the Relationship OptionSet.

    Now, you can see the dropdown values on the form.
  11. Open the “Collateral Contact Parent Role” to see the Relationship field’s changes.